A configuration request for calculating a [SankeyGraph] for a result.



The reference to the impact category if a graph based on the results of that impact category should be returned.


The reference to the intervention flow if a graph based on the results of that flow should be returned.

  • Type: optional EnviFlow
  • Proto-Index: 2


If set to true, the returned graph will be based on the life cycle costing results of the system.


A cut-off rule based on the minimum result share of a node, that is the total result of that node (including direct and upstream contributions) divided by the total result of the system.


The maximum number of nodes that should be contained in the returned graph.

Python class stub

The snippet below shows the names of the properties of the corresponding Python class of the olca-schema package. Note that this is not the full class definition but just shows the names of the class and its properties.

class SankeyRequest:
  envi_flow: EnviFlow
  for_costs: bool
  impact_category: Ref
  max_nodes: int
  min_share: float