A single allocation factor in a process.



Inherited from Entity.@type


The type of allocation.


A product input, waste output, or elementary flow exchange which is allocated by this factor. This is only valid for causal allocation where allocation factors can be assigned to single exchanges.


An optional formula from which the value of the allocation factor is calculated.


The output product (or waste input) to which this allocation factor is related. The must be an exchange with this product output (or waste input) in this process.


The value of the allocation factor.

Python class stub

The snippet below shows the names of the properties of the corresponding Python class of the olca-schema package. Note that this is not the full class definition but just shows the names of the class and its properties.

class AllocationFactor:
  allocation_type: AllocationType
  exchange: ExchangeRef
  formula: str
  product: Ref
  value: float