A process link is a connection between two processes in a product system.



Inherited from Entity.@type


The exchange of the linked process (this is useful if the linked process has multiple exchanges with the same flow that are linked to different provides, e.g. in an electricity mix).


The descriptor of the flow that is exchanged between the two processes.


The descriptor of the process that is linked to the provider.


A reference to a process, product system, or result that provides the product or a waste (treatment) flow.

  • Type: Ref
  • Proto-Index: 5

Python class stub

The snippet below shows the names of the properties of the corresponding Python class of the olca-schema package. Note that this is not the full class definition but just shows the names of the class and its properties.

class ProcessLink:
  exchange: ExchangeRef
  flow: Ref
  process: Ref
  provider: Ref

JSON example

  "@type": "ProcessLink",
  "provider": {
    "@type": "Process",
    "@id": "41b31d77-5223-47a1-a24a-153ac1a9f670",
    "name": "Electrolysis"
  "flow": {
    "@type": "Flow",
    "@id": "b55f8bd2-404d-4830-b053-4731e36668b9",
    "name": "liquid aluminium"
  "process": {
    "@type": "Process",
    "@id": "55fd27b1-c73d-4a76-b560-cfc461e81efd",
    "name": "Ingot casting"
  "exchange": {
    "@type": "ExchangeRef",
    "internalId": 1