A RootEntity is a stand-alone data set (like a Flow or Process).



Inherited from Entity.@type


Inherited from RefEntity.@id


Inherited from


Inherited from RefEntity.description


A full path of the category. Forward slashes are used to separate the segments of this path, e.g. Elementary flows/emissions/air/unspecified.


The timestamp when the entity was changed the last time.


A list of optional tags. A tag is just a string which should not contain commas (and other special characters).


A version number in MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format where the MINOR and PATCH fields are optional and the fields may have leading zeros (so 01.00.00 is the same as 1.0.0 or 1).

Python class stub

The snippet below shows the names of the properties of the corresponding Python class of the olca-schema package. Note that this is not the full class definition but just shows the names of the class and its properties.

class RootEntity:
  id: str
  category: str
  description: str
  last_change: str
  name: str
  tags: List[str]
  version: str