A Ref is a reference to some entity. When serializing an entity (e.g. a Process) that references another standalone entity (e.g. a Flow in an Exchange) we do not want to write the complete referenced entity into the serialized JSON object but just a reference. However, the reference contains some meta-data like name, category path etc. that are useful to display.



Inherited from Entity.@type


Inherited from RefEntity.@id


Inherited from


Inherited from RefEntity.description


The category path of the referenced entity, e.g. Elementary flows/Emissions to air/unspecified.


This field is valid for references to entities which can have a (reference) unit, like flows, impact categories, or flow properties.


This field is only valid for references of processes or flows and contains the location name or code of that respective process or flow.


In case of a reference to a flow, this field can contain the type of flow that is referenced.


In case of a reference to a process, this fiel can contain the type of process that is referenced.

Python class stub

The snippet below shows the names of the properties of the corresponding Python class of the olca-schema package. Note that this is not the full class definition but just shows the names of the class and its properties.

class Ref:
  id: str
  category: str
  description: str
  flow_type: FlowType
  location: str
  name: str
  process_type: ProcessType
  ref_unit: str