Class Ref

A Ref is a reference to a RootEntity. When serializing an entity (e.g. a Process) that references another standalone entity (e.g. a Flow in an Exchange) we do not want to write the complete referenced entity into the serialized JSON object but just a reference. However, the reference contains some meta-data like name, category path etc. that are useful to display.



categoryPath List[string] The full path of the category of the referenced entity from top to bottom, e.g. "Elementary flows", "Emissions to air", "unspecified".
library string If the entity that is described by this reference is part of a library, this field contains the identifier of that library. The identifier is typically just the combination of the library name and version.
refUnit string This field is only valid for references of flows or impact categories and contains the name (symbol) of the reference unit of that respective flow or impact category.
location string This field is only valid for references of processes or flows and contains the location name or code of that respective process or flow.
flowType FlowType In case of a reference to a flow, this field can contain the type of flow that is referenced.
processType ProcessType In case of a reference to a process, this fiel can contain the type of process that is referenced.


Properties from RootEntity:

name string The name of the entity.
description string The description of the entity.
version string A version number in MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format where the MINOR and PATCH fields are optional and the fields may have leading zeros (so 01.00.00 is the same as 1.0.0 or 1).
lastChange dateTime The timestamp when the entity was changed the last time.