Class Parameter

In openLCA, parameters can be defined in different scopes: global, process, or LCIA method. The parameter name can be used in formulas and, thus, need to conform to a specific syntax. Within a scope the parameter name should be unique (otherwise the evaluation is not deterministic). There are two types of parameters in openLCA: input parameters and dependent parameters. An input parameter can have an optional uncertainty distribution but not a formula. A dependent parameter can (should) have a formula (where also other parameters can be used) but no uncertainty distribution.



parameterScope ParameterScope The scope where the parameter is valid.
inputParameter boolean Indicates whether the parameter is an input parameter (true) or a dependent/calculated parameter (false). A parameter can have a formula if it is not an input parameter.
value double The parameter value.
formula string A mathematical expression to calculate the parameter value.
uncertainty Uncertainty An uncertainty distribution of the parameter value. This is only valid for input parameters.


Properties from CategorizedEntity:

category Ref[Category] The category of the entity.
tags List[string] A list of optional tags. A tag is just a string which should not contain commas (and other special characters).
library string If this entity is part of a library, this field contains the identifier of that library. The identifier is typically just the combination of the library name and version.


Properties from RootEntity:

name string The name of the entity.
description string The description of the entity.
version string A version number in MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format where the MINOR and PATCH fields are optional and the fields may have leading zeros (so 01.00.00 is the same as 1.0.0 or 1).
lastChange dateTime The timestamp when the entity was changed the last time.