Class Flow

Everything that can be an input or output of a process (e.g. a substance, a product, a waste, a service etc.)



flowType FlowType The type of the flow. Note that this type is more a descriptor of how the flow is handled in calculations.
cas string A CAS number of the flow.
formula string A chemical formula of the flow.
flowProperties List[FlowPropertyFactor] The flow properties (quantities) in which amounts of the flow can be expressed together with conversion factors between these flow flow properties.
location Ref[Location] The location of the flow. Normally the location of a flow is defined by the process location where the flow is an input or output. However, some data formats define a location as a property of a flow.
synonyms string A list of synonyms but packed into a single field. Best is to use semicolons as separator as commas are sometimes used in names of chemicals.
infrastructureFlow boolean Indicates whether this flow describes an infrastructure product. This field is part of the openLCA schema because of backward compatibility with EcoSpold 1. It does not really have a meaning in openLCA and should not be used anymore.


Properties from CategorizedEntity:

category Ref[Category] The category of the entity.
tags List[string] A list of optional tags. A tag is just a string which should not contain commas (and other special characters).
library string If this entity is part of a library, this field contains the identifier of that library. The identifier is typically just the combination of the library name and version.


Properties from RootEntity:

name string The name of the entity.
description string The description of the entity.
version string A version number in MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format where the MINOR and PATCH fields are optional and the fields may have leading zeros (so 01.00.00 is the same as 1.0.0 or 1).
lastChange dateTime The timestamp when the entity was changed the last time.


JSON-LD Example

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "Flow",
  "@id": "4a40cb39-e306-3649-b6da-ca061e384e23",
  "name": "electricity, high voltage, at grid",
  "category": {
    "@type": "Category",
    "@id": "773bee4a-6f9a-41d9-b8fb-c400fb9960cf",
    "name": "supply mix"
  "flowType": "PRODUCT_FLOW",
  "location": {
    "@type": "Location",
    "@id": "28840420-4e3d-3522-a930-8317344a285d",
    "name": "Poland"
  "flowProperties": [
      "@type": "FlowPropertyFactor",
      "referenceFlowProperty": true,
      "conversionFactor": 1.0,
      "flowProperty": {
        "@type": "FlowProperty",
        "@id": "f6811440-ee37-11de-8a39-0800200c9a66",
        "name": "Energy"