Class CalculationSetup

A setup for a product system calculation.



calculationType CalculationType The type of calculation that should be performed.
productSystem Ref[ProductSystem] The product system that should be calculated (required).
impactMethod Ref[ImpactMethod] The LCIA method for the calculation (optional).
withCosts boolean Indicates whether life cycle costs should be also calculated (optional).
withRegionalization boolean Indicates whether a regionalized result should be calculated or not. If this is set to true, the intervention matrix is indexed by (elementary flow, location) - pairs instead of just elementary flows. The LCI result then contains results for these pairs which can be then used in regionalized impact assessments.
nwSet Ref[NwSet] The normalisation and weighting set for the calculation (optional).
allocationMethod AllocationType The calculation type to be used in the calculation (optional).
parameterRedefs List[ParameterRedef] A list of parameter redefinitions to be used in the calculation (optional).
amount double (optional)
unit Ref[Unit] (optional)
flowProperty Ref[FlowProperty] (optional)